Song: We Are Not Alone

Thanks for checking out our song – We Are Not Alone. I’ve had a deep knowing ever since I was a child, that out there in the universe exists many worlds beyond our comprehension. The strange blue light that hovered over the car and followed my mom and her friend along a remote country road for twenty minutes and then zipped out of sight…the hovering craft that showed up on video in slow motion, that zinged horizontally along the sky line, dropped suddenly to almost ground level and then shot up in a 90 degree angle on the screen only to disappear… the strange light formations in the night sky…aliens visitors in my dream time…I can go on.

I am tuned in to the buzz of the human collective consciousness that is building a momentum of openness and acceptance that we are not alone. We are ready to look at old themes in a new way. The themes of visitation throughout world mythology and religion are speaking to us in a way that is nothing short of religious!  People are longing for something extraordinary…for the big Disclosure. For me the proof is everywhere, in ancient architecture, on the walls of temples, stone blocks, crop circles, in the skies and even in our human DNA. We are living in a magical time of big change and many believe we are being visited and have been visited for eons by E.T.s.  There are new college and university courses being launched in Turkey, Edinburgh and Washington that focus on ufology and exo-politics that are preparing a whole new generation of young people for E.T. contact and galactic diplomacy. They are examining the ancient astronaut theory to help explain the missing chapters in man kinds history. Science is not settled and all scientific theory is in the midst of huge change as we try to understand gravity, dark matter, black holes and more. New infra-red space satellite technology is allowing us to look under the sand to discover thousands of tombs, ancient human settlements and pyramids in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Russia. This technology is revolutionizing the world of the ancient astronaut theorists. Ten to twenty years ago we would have called this science fiction.  More than 90% of the structures are still hidden, and some of these ruins may hold key evidence that we need for full disclosure.

We know that the powers that be and secret space programs are covering up the truth about E.T.s. More than ever now, these secrets, declassified U.F.O. documents, movies and documentaries are being  revealed to us, to ease us into the truth that we are not alone.  Of course, this means that when we really find proof, it changes everything we’ve ever been taught. This is something scary and exciting and I believe we are ready. Even the Vatican has two space observatories and a chief astronomer Jose Gabriel Funes who is convinced of the existence of aliens, along with Father Goochi who believes aliens are among us. The church is positioning themselves well to ease us in to the reality that E.T.s exist. The book Chariots of the Gods, by author Erich Von Daniken over 50 years ago was shot down as non-sense. He dedicated his life to researching the ancient alien theories. The book eventually sold 76 million copies in 32 languages. At 83 years of age, Von Daniken is now writing the sequel to this book which will reveal even more of the mysteries that are surfacing in this magical time.

Who are we? Where did we come from? What’s next for man kinds future?  These are the questions that continue to move us to discover the truth.  What do you think about life beyond?….What do you think about disclosure in our life time?