Vision Statement

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Bonnie Ross of Divine Light Within is committed to empowering, inspiring and guiding you to live your personal journey to the fullest. By discovering your Divine Light Within, you nurture your alliance with your highest wisest self. Living in the light of this higher level of consciousness fosters creativity, intuition, harmony and a passion-filled life where realizing your potential, purpose and dreams unfold with ease.

What is Spirituality to Bonnie?

  • Awakening to your true self
  • Being fully present and in the moment
  • Living with authenticity, integrity and non-judgement
  • Living in love and trust vs fear and doubt
  • Connecting to everything as energy-human, earth and Universal White Light
  • Higher wisdom/intuition
  • Gratitude, compassion, forgiveness
  • Awareness, growth, evolving to higher levels of consciousness, transformation, ascension
  • Acknowledging our ego-shadow and higher-light selves…doing our emotional work
  • Trusting synchronicities- The universe speaks to us in signs and symbols
  • Feeling passion and inspiration…heeding the call…following your bliss
  • Following your dreams and higher purpose, being of service
  • Discovering your unique soulful gifts and talents…sharing them with the world
  • Believing that we are all connected-we are all One
  • Knowing that our Divine Light Within is that whole and unbroken God- self that lives within us all
  • Believing in a higher power…the God of your understanding
  • Respecting Mother Earth and Knowing that nature is our teacher
  • Claiming our innate ability to heal ourselves and others
  • Linking to our multi-dimensional universe …to loved ones, guides, angels and light beings… knowing that we are not alone
  • Believing that our spirit lives on in eternity