Psychic Medium Bonnie Ross

Bonnie Ross is a gifted Psychic Medium who delivers inspiring messages to guide you along your highest path of potential. As a Psychic, Bonnie’s unique approach to tuning in to your auric field allows her to know your story, gifts, challenges, helpful and toxic relationships and more. She sees your energy flow/blocks that connect to your physical, emotional and spiritual themes to realize and heal. Pure giftedness allows Bonnie to identify your questions and concerns that you hold in your intention, bringing you clear, accurate and empowering direction regarding your past, present and future. Bonnie is on fire with all of her six sensory gifts. She may also include palmistry, psychometry, medical intuition, Tarot, crystal divination, number patterns or just straight talk in your reading, depending on what calls her.

As a Medium, Bonnie is finely tuned in to her Divine support system of high vibrational beings that propel her soul directed, impactful readings. Spirit shows Bonnie images, signs and symbols, a unique language that you and Bonnie translate into a special and meaningful experience. Through evidential Mediumship Bonnie brings countless people comfort, healing and joy as she channels your loved ones and guides in Spirit. She helps many believe in the afterlife, leads others to trust that their loved ones are safe and at peace and shows that those souls are guiding, encouraging and loving you from the Other Side. She can also link you to your multi-dimensional support system of Angels, Animal Spirit guides and Light Beings that can present themselves to teach, guide and empower you.

Phone Readings & In-Person Readings

People wonder how Bonnie delivers amazingly accurate phone readings to her clients internationally. Through remote viewing, the energetic signature your voice holds and the divine downloads received when she learns your name and birthdate, Bonnie tunes in to your vibration and to Spirit no matter how far away you are. There is no difference in the accuracy of in-person versus phone readings, but rather a matter of preference and convenience for you.

Clients can request a purely psychic reading or may prefer a mediumship-focused reading. Most prefer the richness of Bonnie’s combination Psychic Mediumship Readings. It’s important to remember that everyone has free will and you are in charge of your destiny, and what Bonnie sees in your future can change depending upon the decisions you make for yourself. Nothing is set in stone. Although Bonnie almost always connects with the Spirit you want, there are no guarantees that the particular Spirit you want will show up in a reading. Having said this, you are guaranteed to experience a life shifting, soul expanding reading with Bonnie. Her stellar reputation and large following of repeat clients is a testament to her professional and inspirational work.

Psychic Parties are very popular with Bonnie who will come to your home or business and provide individual readings of 30 minutes each for a group of 6 or more people. Shorter readings for larger groups can be arranged. Contact Bonnie for more information on booking these exciting events.

Mediumship Group Readings

Bonnie also provides Mediumship Group Readings where groups of 6 to 12 receive approximately 10 minute messages each from loved ones in spirit. Bonnie also provides wonderful mini-lectures about this fascinating world of energy, intuition development and how mediumship works. Contact Bonnie for your specially designed evening of intrigue and inspiration.

Readings for Children and Teens

As a qualified and respected former Child & Youth Counselor with children and teens, Bonnie has a wonderful way of bringing out the strengths and gifts of young people. Bonnie’s calming presence and reassurance can support those in need of gentle guidance around life’s challenges. Children under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by a parent for readings.


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Cancellation Policy

Bonnie requests that clients have the courtesy to provide 48 hours notice of cancellation of services and events. There are no refunds for missed events, classes or readings. Online payments must be made within 24 hours before phone sessions begin.

*Psychic Medium Bonnie Ross chooses to keep her service fees accessibly lower for everyone and her fees truly do not reflect her professionalism and expertise in this field of spiritual support.