Bonnie Ross Drummer

Bonnie Ross is a professional kit drummer/vocalist who performs in bands of many musical genres for over 30 years in the entertainment industry. She also composes inspirational music and meditation cds with her husband Daryl in their professional recording studio. Bonnie trained with Doug Sole in his Drum Circle Facilitator Training Program and provided therapeutic drumming programs for students grades 6 to 8 in the Halton School Board where she was employed as a Child & Youth Counselor for 20 years. She was awarded a certificate from the Special Education Advisory Committee for outstanding support of Special Education students within the Halton School Board. Presently in her private practice “Divine Light Within” founded in 2006, Bonnie offers many Divine Drumming Programs to her clients of all ages.

Intuitive Drumming Circles

These circles are designed to facilitate a connection to your higher self. The meditative practice of drumming brings you to a relaxed, altered state of consciousness where becoming present can open you to your intuition. In this place of creative spontaneity, you connect with your inner child that is ultimately playful, free-spirited and joyful. Laugh and learn as you connect to a deeper awareness of self. Basic drumming skills will be taught in these circles.

*Host a Divine Drumming Party at your home and Bonnie will provide drums, percussion instruments and stimulating program, tailored to your needs, whether for celebration, ceremony or just plain fun. Programs can be designed for all ages.

Divine Drumming Retreats

Join Bonnie’s retreats, host a corporate retreat or organize your own personal group and “escape from the chaos” for a magical, transformational experience that will shift your life and bring you to a higher vibrational level. These intensives focus on physical, emotional and spiritual awareness, growth and healing.

Divine Therapeutic Drumming Programs

Bonnie provides a wide variety of therapeutic drumming programs for ages to 10 to 99!

Children and Adolescents learn listening, communication and leadership skills while enhancing self esteem and confidence, all through the guise of drumming fun. They feel a sense of belonging, community, respect and trust, while learning relaxation, focusing, grounding, energy awareness, emotional and creative expression, intuition development, guided visualizations and more.

Therapeutic Adult programs include emotional release work to support the letting go of lower, heavy energies and emotions that we hold that can contribute to illness and disease. Drumming can break down energy blockages, bring to the surface, deep heart felt emotions that are difficult to express in words, release tension and improve your mood.

Divine Drumming for Corporate Team Building

A team grows when it comes together and drumming brings a bond and a deeper connection within a group, with an increased sense of comradery and oneness. Drumming re-energizes teams, supports healthy communication, increases productivity and encourages cooperation and leadership. These programs are uniquely designed for the specific needs of your team.

Community Drumming Programs

Bonnie strives to be of service to diverse communities and offers regular support to many agencies. She has worked with Big Sisters, Y.M.C.A. Youth groups, Public and Catholic Schools, Bereaved Families of Ontario, Hope Place Rehab Centre for Women, Animal Welfare groups, Mental Health Agencies, Abused Women and more.

contact Bonnie at 416-707-3286 for more information