Psychic Consultation

Bonnie has a unique ability to pin point my strengths and guide me to be in charge of my destiny. She

has helped me to make big changes in my career path and now I am doing what my heart has always

wanted. I have been seeing Bonnie for readings for a number of years and she is always inspiring. My

deceased mother has a way of coming through in the readings which has been so comforting to me.


Bonnie led me to see my doctor about a lump in my breast which was just a cyst, thank god! This lead

to regular checkups and the early detection of a cancerous mole that was removed safely. She has a

gentle way of getting me to pay attention to my body as she does this scanning of my aura. She has

managed to convince my husband who is a skeptic to get a reading, quit smoking and take up walking.


I have yearly psychic parties at my home and Bonnie comes to read my good friends and family. It has

become a regular event and I just love to see the responses from people as they come out of their

readings with Bonnie. She really impacts people in the way they need to be moved!

H. Findlay


I definitely have drum fever, as Bonnie said I would catch, having drummed with her in her circles. I

just love how relaxed and inspired I feel after a circle. There is nothing like a good belly laugh! I went

out and bought a drum and can’t wait for the next event. L. Moss

I participated in a drumming retreat where Bonnie had us release negative energy through drumming.

Wow, what a release I had! I feel so much lighter and didn’t realize how much heavy stuff we can hold

on to. I have promised myself that I will continue to be aware of my emotional energy and take care of

my emotional self.


I am not a musician and didn’t believe I had any sense of rhythm at all until I attended Bonnie’s drum

circle. She is so patient and allowed me to take small risks and find my way. I feel like I can hold my

own now and this confidence has definitely spilled over into the rest of my life.

S. Ritchey.


 I can’t thank Bonnie enough for helping me through my “muck” as she calls it. I can honestly say that

my story no longer has a hold of me and I am free to create one of healing and strength. I now have

the tools to get to a place of calm and peace and thanks to all the homework she gave me, I still make

sure I honor my emotions with regular journaling.


Bonnie helped me to find the courage to go to an eating disorder clinic where I got my disorder under

control. I went back to her after that to do some work on my family relationships and the

“perfectionist” in me that needed to be challenged, big time! I think I’m no longer a “type A”

personality, which is a miracle for me.


Bonnie supported me in finding the courage to get out of an abusive relationship that was killing my

spirit. I was physically ill and emotional numb when I started working with her. It has not been easy,

and I still have a lot to work on, but I am out of that situation and on my own. I am learning how to

play and take care of myself for the first time in my life!

M. Danato