Psychic Medium Bonnie Ross

A gifted professional who delivers inspiring guidance for your highest path of potential

Bonnie brings countless people comfort, joy and healing through her channeled messages from Spirit

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Spiritual Counsellor & Teacher Bonnie Ross

A respected mentor in her emotional and spiritual wellness programs

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Guaranteed to raise your vibration and light up your soul

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Drumming Services

Find a new rhythm in your life with

Drumming Circle Facilitator Bonnie Ross

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Bonnie Ross is a professional musician, composer and writer who creates

guided meditations and inspirational music, co-creating with Daryl Thistel

in their Divine Music Productions Recording Studio

The Light Album

The Light Album

Bonnie Ross of Divine Light Within is committed to empowering, inspiring and guiding you to live your personal journey to the fullest. By discovering your Divine Light Within you nurture your alliance with your highest, wisest self. Living in the light of this higher level of consciousness fosters creativity, intuition, harmony and a passion-filled life. In this light you realize your potential, purpose and dreams that unfold with ease and flow.