The Light Album

I am eternally grateful for my blessed partnership with Daryl Thistel…where together Divine Music flows through us. This album “The Light Album” is a collaboration of soul-inspiring songs that tap into the great magic, mystery and light that beckons us to awaken. Click on these sample audio clips and stay tuned for the album….to be released soon.

Brand New Start

A soft ray of sunlight beamed across Daryl’s piano like a magical ray that moved his hands effortlessly over the keys. Who would know that this song would become the anthem that gave him the courage to leave his soul-sucking job. To peak through the veil and into the magical realm of our potential is within our grasp, when we let go of fear and embrace our passions.


I have a deep fascination with the stars, the cosmos and all of the possibilities that the universe holds. My undeniable link to multi-dimensional beings bring me comfort and hope that humanity will awaken to re-claim a peaceful and loving world. It’s not too late to remember the truth of who we really are.

When The Sun Sets

The setting sun casts a mystery of illusion that can take us to journey into the depths of darkness…perhaps into our shadow selves…or into the spiritual realm represented by the suns encounter with the night…or to reflect on the cycles of life…the end of a day…the end of an era…even the end of our lives. I do know that life is fleeting and only God knows how many whirls around the sun we really have….and when our last sun will set.