Bonnie has the ability to identify and interpret the emotional energy that is charged in your home by the people that live(ed) there. She gives a reading on each room, expressing the stories and emotional themes that are attached to the people who occupy the particular room. For example, Bonnie may feel high anxiety in the bedroom of a child who is suffering from anxiety. She will clear it and then bless the room with love and healing. She calls in her Divine Support System of high vibrational beings who also bring in a calm and anchoring peace to the environment. She uses sound, sage and prayer to bless the room with a positive charge. Clearing the negative energy charges brings an unspoken sense of lightness to the entire family including pets even if they don’t know the clearing has taken place. Clients commonly report that their families seem to shift to cooperative harmonious states after Bonnie’s clearings. It can be a beneficial learning experience for family members to be part of the clearing and she will also clear everyone’s aura as a complimentary service.

This service is a wonderful option to consider when moving in to a new home or when selling, or just for a lift in vibration. Just like a spring cleaning, we can “energetically” clear for a sense of well-being. Pricing varies depending on the venue. Enjoy your personal reading(s) in this wonderful combination Spiritual Clearing/Readings Service.

Bonnie can also link with lost souls that can linger in homes and although this is less common, it can disrupt families. Soul Rescue work involves supporting the soul to cross over to the light. In the past Bonnie has been involved in “heavy haunts” and prefers to refer this work to braver hands. Feel free to consult with Bonnie who can assess your situation.