Song: Twin Flames

Thanks for listening to our song Twin Flames. This one flowed out easily as a simple song that highlights  Daryl and my soulful link and what I believe is our agreement to reincarnate together across many lifetimes for a higher purpose. This art piece depicts our cosmic link together. It could also reflect a world of alternative realities…perhaps parallel lives… timeline jumps…reality shifts.  These are the things that make me ask… what is the true nature of reality? Are there many worlds superimposed against one another… do we live in a holographic window of reality? I do know that we are powerful beings of pure consciousness with the free will to choose our paths and paradigms.

If you haven’t read my blog post Twin Flames dated February 16, 2018, please do. It describes the intensity in which Daryl and I first connected and the magic that ensued. With 18 years into this special union, there is no doubt that we are twin flames…soul mates amplified…eternal cosmic mates

The burst of energy that twin flames generate when they meet, calls up the whole soul from the highest of heavens to the deepest dungeons. We truly do reflect back like mirrors, all of our hidden fears…our shadow selves along with our true inner strengths and talents. There is a comfort in being our authentic selves along with a definite feeling of expansion when we are together. We are bonded but free…attached but unattached, as we carve out our paths as individuals and as a couple.

It never ceases to amaze me when I wake up with the same musical hook in my head that Daryl has. It’s like our souls are wired together…like these ear worms we share and that play over and over in our heads are weaving their way into a meaningful song. We have a deep connection through music, and I feel we are co-creating songs that support our higher spiritual purpose together.  Perhaps this higher purpose is to offer healing and upliftment through the music… or maybe to nudge a deeper glimpse into the potential we hold as spiritual beings…we shall see.

Have you found your soul mate or twin flame?

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