Song: I Know

Thank you for listening to our song “I Know”. This song came through us with the wave of uncertainty that pervades the world in this greatest transition in the history of civilization. The song holds a sense of hope, that in this frequency of chaos, we also behold an anchoring inner knowing of truth and light.

Good and Evil

The latest buzz in this field of spirituality is the theme of good and evil. You may be feeling vulnerable as you witness what seems to be pure evil in the world around you. You may also be moved by absolute love and goodness depending on the current of energy you are choosing to engage with. I believe we are swimming in a sea of consciousness…a field of awareness and intelligence that gets transmitted through the cosmos for us to link with or not.  It is true that we all have light and dark parts of ourselves…we all possess the potential for good or evil. We also have a responsibility to monitor our own sense of morals and values as we slip about on this spectrum of good and evil as the humans that we are.

A spiritual bi-pass is an interesting concept that can skip the fact that we all have a shadow or dark side and emotional work to do. It can lead us to claim that there is no evil and only light and goodness. This can deny our responsibility to take inventory of the major ways we can slip about in complacency about the global giant elephant in the room…the one that denies we are on the brink of disaster in destroying Mother Earth…the one that under the guise of religion, gives permission for abuse…the one that turns a blind eye to the corporate/governmental greed and corruption that feeds personal gain to the elite. More subtle and personal ways of living in our shadow selves can include being stuck in judgement, greed, jealousy, anger, fear, addiction and all of those low vibrational emotions that make us a little darker.

I know that it takes very little light in the darkness to make a difference in the world…like one candle in a huge dark room that is easy to see. We can be that light and change a whole lot in the world with just a little more awareness and insight. The higher self really does know our personal truths. The higher self shifts us up to the light beings of goodness that we can be, as we acknowledge and get honest about our shadow selves that says it doesn’t really matter.

It’s time to get quiet in some sort of meditative way…to either passively listen or actively ask your higher selves for direction and truth. It’s time to shine our powerful collective light of goodness out, to tip the world back into balance.

What vibration are you linking to? Are you driven by your higher self or your ego? Do you feel anchored and safe in the world, or feel like you are being anxiously tossed about like a leaf in the wind?

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