Song: Sailor’s Call

Out of Body…into the etheric…the astral…and beyond

This art piece represents a glimpse into a past life for Daryl whose affinity to the sailing ships and ancestral link to the Vikings call him on a soul level.….the scene reflects a place I visited in a spontaneous out of body experience (O.B.E.) where I met Daryl in a past life …for a brief encounter. The lyrics of this song “Sailors Call” can represent the literal call a sailor feels when they are drawn to the adrenaline rush, sense of awe and healing that the forever-shifting ocean can bring. On a deeper level, I have travelled “out of body” on ships that take me into the sun and home to otherworldly places.  Author Tom Robbins said it nicely “Our great human adventure is the evolution of consciousness”

As I digest and process the intensive lessons and experiences taken away from William Buhlman’s O.B.E. Intensive, I am left with a swirling of expansion and wonder. Beautiful like-minded and enlightened people from all over the world joined for this intensive with the hopes of acquiring the ability to self-direct an O.B.E.  Doctors, healers, educators, the curious and the bereaved gathered in the mountains of Virginia, in this vortex of magic to broaden their horizons. For some, they had tragically lost a loved one that they desperately hoped to meet again in their travels. Some were very clear that extra-terrestrials would be sure to make contact with them, having literally witnessed U.F O’s/E.T.’s or had lucid dream connections with multi-dimensional beings.  All of us shared the view that there is so much more to this fleeting life than what this dense, physical earth dimension holds. That in this temporary, somewhat limited reality, drenched in lessons, challenges, growth and evolution…we are also eternal beings of light with infinite potential. O.B.E.’s give us an opportunity to separate from our heavy, sometimes painful physical vessels to experience ultimate freedom. Perhaps we travel with the hopes of learning our purpose and truth, to heal, to experience 360 degree vision, enhanced hearing, the ability to read thoughts and communicate telepathically, to produce thought responsive realities at will … and to shape our continuing existence beyond this life as an active participant with power. Maybe it’s to learn that we can choose to bypass the astral plane upon death, to skip the recycling process of reincarnating to this weighted world for another lifetime here. I am one of many who would like this to be the last incarnation on this planet.  If I practice enough, just maybe I can develop the skills to make it possible! Imagine that upon your transition of death, you have a well set out plan and the skills to return to “Source” in your highest self… to know exactly where you are headed with your last breath into the afterlife… something to ponder for sure. And for now, we will mostly endure our biological vessels that we need so we can interact and learn within this physical dimension.

Yep, I spent at least 24 hours (not consecutively) in the famous C.H.E.C. unit of total darkness, marinating in Hemi-Sync technology while being guided to slip out of my physical body and into the etheric, astral and beyond.  I have always been a lucid dreamer and have utilized dream time as a precious resourceful window to life’s solutions, creative inspiration and my emotional healing. I have the ability to witness dreams from my higher self.  I have learned that these powerful dreams are my launch pad to self directed O.B.E. s and that there are specific techniques that we can utilize that will trigger controlled travel into the multidimensional universe.  As a spontaneous O.B E’r, I have journeyed to what I believe are parallel, past and future lives…and to the heavenly Other Side and beyond.  I have flown, levitated, morphed, spun, vibrated, fallen, surged and dissolved from my physical body and into my non-physical, spirit body, to flit about in the cosmos.  Yep, I have commanded flying cars through tunnels, met with faceless committees sitting around a floating table to consult about my purpose, taught levitation to a group of translucent blue children, …and no I didn’t do the brown acid! I am validating my personal power to command with intention, my personal ascending path of immortality while in my non-physical, light body of consciousness. I feel excited to embrace these next transformational steps.  I’m ready to practice new skills in exploring the nonphysical dimensions in a self-directed fashion, which is easier said that done!

We spiritual beings have limitless potential to explore our consciousness…to enter the radiant light beyond all illusions of form… to the peace, love, freedom and wisdom of our highest selves. Our soul’s journey is infinite. As Rumi quotes… “Remember the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you.”

Have you experienced an O.B.E.?  What was it like?  What are your thoughts about the highest self and the afterlife?

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