Song: Brand New Start


Thanks for listening to our audio sample of Brand New Start. The melancholy piano intro reflects a time of heavy burnout for Daryl who was straddling his soul-sucking corporate cruncher along with his passions as a professional musician. My lyrics came through as I could empathetically relate to having been there…done that…and got the spiritual kick needed to let go of the fear.

There is something very empowering about not living in fear. Of course most of us have to hustle in this reality of a money-driven world. The rat race is all too real and the pressure is on, especially when we live in fear and limit ourselves to believe we are trapped and without options.  Some of us have found a higher ground…the courage to choose to make a living doing exactly what our soul has called us to do. Some of us have found a middle ground…a way to balance both our passions and the “job” as a ticket that funds the things that excite us in life. There are some who are struggling in the mucky lower ground  where fear and limiting beliefs keep us from seeing our inner light of potential. Wherever you are in these cycles of life and levels of consciousness, you are exactly where you need to be, as long you are learning something…healing something…moving forward.

Brand New Start is a song that means different things to different people….and to all it invites you to find the magic in your heart. A new start can be about pulling ourselves out of the “muck” of your woundedness by digging in to your emotional healing work. Maybe your new start is practicing acceptance and learning how to fall in love with the stuff you don’t like, you can’t change or that challenge you. Maybe you are dedicating yourself to a spiritual practice the pulls you away from resistance and fear…into a deep sense of hope, aliveness, passion, alliance with your higher self and empowerment. It can be about leaving a relationship or a job that makes you miserable. I imagine a cartoon sketch of a man I will call “Daryl”, with his testicles gingerly placed in a cranking vice…while upper management grin as they crank…and all the while urge him to keep smiling!  Daryl breathes now with a new sense of ease as he has crossed over to the other side of the stream so to speak…away from fear and into trust and true knowing.  As he is embracing his gifts as a beautiful singer and musician his racing heart, insomnia and tightened colon have reversed themselves and found balance. It’s amazing how we can heal ourselves when we live our truth in trust and flow.

As I am here in my next Brand New Start, I’m wading through the waves of information the internet provides, trying to find discernment in all that surfaces. I’m sifting through mainstream “muck”, the lies that keep us small in these so-called social norms, religious dogma and programing that many have bought into. I’m slowly carving out my own truths in this sea of chaotic energy and fear-based manipulation to find my peace.  As I find myself drawn to new sources of information and modern science, I am anxiously hopeful that we can save the world.   The new science that is immerging faster than our textbooks can shift, proves we can heal ourselves with intention…that we are all energetically connected…all the same, and that we can thrive in a co-operative world, and not in the old competitive model of survival of the fittest. We now know that our thoughts create our reality. The Dalai Lama quotes that if our school aged children were taught to meditate on compassion and love we would eliminate violence in one generation. I am devastated that for some, human life holds so little value and importance and is not revered as sacred.  The corrupt systems of the greedy elite keep us in a pro-war mentality, fossil fuel driven, big pharma dependent, losing our rights to personal freedoms and privacy…and that artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword depending on who is at the helm. And what about the fact that the majority of us believe we are not alone in this universe?…that “Disclosure” is such a painfully slow process in this dense and restricted physical reality. I am hopeful that in this Great Turning and as these chaotic systems break down, we will find an underlying harmony and order in the world once again.

For me, as I recognize and celebrate my continued brand new starts, I am here in presence ….listening deeply …following the voice of my higher self…linked as a kind of cosmic traveller who is ready to understand more and guide others. With a firm grasp on teaching meditative and spiritual practices, intuition and mediumship development, emotional healing… I’m asking the universe to bring it on…to show me what’s next!

I’m asking hard questions about who we really are…trying to get my head around the new science and quantum physics that suggest we are living in a computer simulated holographic reality! (thanks to Gregg Braden-Missing Links, Dr. Bruce Lipton and other pioneers in this field of new science and spirituality, my life will never be the same)…that our thoughts create every moment of our realities…that I am tapping into parallel lives and universes…past lives… and future lives for myself and others…connecting with light beings in our multidimensional world who are guiding me, calling me out to travel “out of body” in experiences that remind me of just how powerful and limitless we are. I’m excited to validate my beliefs that this physical earth plane is just a tiny sliver of this vast conscious universe that we live in, and that we exist on many different dimensions in our eternal, multi-dimensional, spiritual energy bodies. In all of this world’s mystery and chaos I choose to be hopeful.

What is your Brand New Start? Where are you in this world of spiritual evolution? Are you hopeful?

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