Song: The Tunnel


Thank you for listening to the audio sample of our song “The Tunnel” that literally came through Daryl and I one special afternoon in the studio. We kept this first take intro that seemed to flow in the energy of Grace that we are so grateful to be touched by.

When we think of the tunnel we typically associate the tunnel with the one we go through in Near Death Experiences or when we cross over to the Other Side to stay in Spirit form. This tunnel experience shares common elements that N.D. experiencers recall including leaving the body, hearing the whaa whaa whaa vibration as they travel through a passageway, enter out into a surreal world that they have no words to describe, see a brilliant light or light being, see relatives and friends who comfort and experience panoramic memories of everything they have done in their lives. This glimpse of heaven is for many who often have suffered a cardiac arrest, died and then returned …either by choosing or by being sent back to resolve something or to do good and be a better person. I have never had a N.D.E., but have supported clients who have and had an Uncle Dave who did. Uncle Dave had a massive coronary and died on the table. He went through the tunnel, saw the light and was directed to come back and make amends with his family. As a “crusty grump” who had strained relationships with his family, he set out to apologize to them all in a pilgrimage that shocked and touched his family. Once his two week mission was complete he died…for real.

Me on the other hand have seen a different kind of tunnel. The first kind of tunnel experience happened when I was in recovery after surgery. Recovery doesn’t take an extra 6 hours but for me it did. Perhaps they gave me too much morphine and wow, what a trip it was. In this “not dead” but deeply hallucinogenic state, I found a profound peace in this swirling abyss…this tunnel of absolute presence where I chose not to breathe. Down in this warmth I felt an acute alertness as I linked with an illuminated being who urged me to remember this feeling. I needed to remember this feeling of being well, whole, present and at peace. I would eventually come back up to consciousness as the nurses jarred the bed and yelled at me to come back and breathe! This in and out of consciousness went on for hours. When I came into consciousness, I insisted on holding the nurse’s hands to give them messages. They seemed somewhat amused but I have no idea what I was saying. This deep experience stuck with me and moved me to re-create this for myself in dream time and my personal meditations. I also use this guided tunnel visualization with my students who report going to extraordinary dimensions in meditation. All of my students would receive great personal insights and healing when they travelled through their imagined tunnels.

My own tunnel travel, especially in dream time has taken me to dimensions of absolute beauty and awe. Sometimes I can set my intention to go into dream time and travel through these crystalline passageways as a lucid dreamer. I go beyond the familiarity of the Other Side where I often meet with my deceased loved ones and guides by the heavenly Sea… where as a Psychic Medium, I connect with my client’s loved ones and guides in a myriad of ways that flow with ease…kind of old hat. But this cosmic travelling through tunnels or perhaps wormholes or stargates are different and new as I continue to evolve in ways that are challenging to describe as a writer. How do you say…”I’m meeting with multi-dimensional Star beings that speak a light language” …and I haven’t a clue what they are saying…without sounding like I did the brown acid…haha. And yet in this haze of sparkly newness there is a sense of reassurance…a formidable safety …and an odd familiarity to these connections from beyond. I do know that I’m not alone in these experiences and many seekers are much further along this path of exploring these naturally induced states of consciousness. These journeys beyond are having a major humbling effect on me and remind me of how little I really know, but at the same time…just how powerful we are. I’m called to grasp the concept of being in command of our energetic light bodies and our ability to astral travel. I have no doubt that there is intelligent life beyond our earth and that we are part of a larger galactic family or universal community. The search for life in the universe has intrigued us for eons and quantum physics has pulled me in, even when it is difficult to comprehend. I’m “over the moon” so to speak about the science behind these theories that are becoming more available to us.

Thanks to Joni Mitchell who wrote one of my favourite songs “Woodstock” and the line “we are stardust… we are golden…and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden”. The song holds a personal truth that reminds me that we are all one and made of the same stuff the stars are made of. It says that the golden spark of the creator lives within us all and that we can get back to the garden of peace and change when we embrace our process of spiritual progression. As a psychic medium I demonstrate the ability to link with beings and information beyond the density of this earth vibration. We all have the ability to detect energy that vibrates at a slightly less density level than our physicality. Like changing a radio dial we can tune in to higher frequencies to perceive supportive beings, creative insights, waves of healing, important information and so much more. We do this by slipping into flow and love….back to the Garden….a kind of heaven on earth.

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