Thank you for listening to the audio sample of our song Up on the Bridge. This recent song came through us at this most critical time where the polarities of dark and light are clearly dueling. To be in the light is to venture onto the Bridge of higher consciousness and expansion. Up on the Bridge you can see beyond this ordinary mundane reality and feel compelled to follow an enlightened path.

All of us are ascending and some of us are choosing to transform very quickly. Through intuition development, meditation, managing our energetic bodies, yoga, clean eating, emotional healing, creative passionate living, true compassion and environmental respect, we are shifting from the caterpillar to the butterfly. This transformation is hard-wired into our d.n.a. and there is a split in the ways that we can evolve. The way of the trans human is to embrace artificial intelligence, embed computer chips of technology under our skin and disregard our incredible spiritual capabilities. This is happening now with a momentum that scares me.  I’m personally disturbed by the term “point of singularity” which happens when the machines eventually become smarter than us and take over the world! Ascension intelligence, on the other hand is the reclaiming or remembering that the ancient ascension practices will bring us to a planet of peace, cooperation and advanced spiritual abilities. I don’t think it is too late, do you?

Who wouldn’t want to aspire to these innate abilities and higher levels of consciousness?  As a psychic medium I have this uncanny ability, as many do, to shift band widths and tune in to people’s past, present and future stories. I can also shift to other places beyond this dimensional frequency during dream time, astral adventures and meditation. This is where I connect with those in spirit on the other side. Our loved ones are easy to reach as they are just a step up on the frequency band. The day dream alpha brainwave trance that I frequent when I read clients is an automatic and natural slipping into the “zone”. This meditative frequency is for all of us to learn and practice, where we can access our higher selves and all that is divine.  For the past 10 years I have been experiencing “bleed throughs” which present as flashes of etheric scenes and beings from other dimensions, especially when I do my meditative walks in nature. We, along with the earth are bumping up to 4th and 5th dimensional bandwidths. Many of my clients are also experiencing these inter-dimensional flashes, time slippage, clairvoyance, u.f.o. sightings, strange lights, anomalous creatures and more. We are accessing more of our full brain capacity as we tune in to these superconscious states of awareness.  The essence of life is mysterious by design and the mystery is our teacher. I am an eternal mystic who embraces the metaphysical or the unseen. Through my artistic expression which is organically linked to my higher self, I stay anchored with my soul. I am definitely “workin the light” in these crazy times.

Transformation or ascension is a devotional practice that connects us to the soul. It is a quest for wholeness and compassion. It is believing that we are more than just our physical flesh and blood bodies. It is knowing that we have an existence outside of this reality. It is recognizing our true self, our divine light bodies, our psychic abilities and so much more. It is where we depart from the ordinary to take part in the unfolding of the living, intelligent universe.

Are you feeding your soul with artistic expression, meditative practices, positive information and experiences that expand you, not deflate you?

Are you feeling a need to find your personal higher self truth beyond the barrage of untruths that pervade? Do you feel an urgency to step beyond the confines of the ego to something much greater?

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