Thank you for listening to our song “Don’t let the curtain fall”. The pandemic has sent us into a whirl of mixed emotions. The song reflects the global dark night of the soul that we have been suddenly throw into. It also holds a collective current of hope in the air for a better world. It is without a doubt that the arts have taken a huge blow. This “temporary” fall of the curtain has left musicians in a state of mourning that is palpable. As everyone has lost something, we have also gained when we look within. This world also seems to be greatly divided, as if the curtain is falling to split the world. You are either on one side or the other, with everyone holding onto their truths and struggling to see anyone else’s. This great diversion takes us away from the voice of our higher self that wants us to see beyond the illusion and lies. There is a higher truth that says WE must rise up in vibration to heal ourselves, which will in turn heal the planet. I’m reminded that we lose the divinely conscious aspect of who we are when we fall into resistance, fear and division. It’s time to get on the truth movement train which is something we get to choose. We are in charge of our destiny. I don’t want the curtain to fall on our innate abilities as powerful spiritual beings of compassion and love. I don’t want to lose our freedoms and rights as sovereign beings who create consciousness. I choose to not feel overwhelmed by what it means to see old systems breaking down, but rather this worst nightmare happening now is our greatest gift in disguise. When we see that through chaos comes order, WE can take back our power and our world in a new vibration of peace, truth and cooperation.

Dream time is super intense for me these days, as I set my intention to go inward and seek meaningful connections in the cosmos. My connection to the universe in dream time seems more authentic than this surreal world we are living in now.  The inspired, evolving aspect of me ventures out of body to align with the truth that has lived in my core for many lifetimes. …after all, this is the “big something” I’ve been waiting for. It’s like I get to go home in dreamtime. I feel like a homesick soul that looks forward to bed time so I can get my fix of the ascension promise of what I am becoming, but also of what I have always been deep down.  In this pandemic frenzy, there is a cosmic stir and earthly rumble that rushes through me in waves. The shift is real. I am also with broken sleep, and find myself on my back deck between 2 and 6 am, wide awake and in wonderment. Sometimes I find comfort on my little deck couch, snuggled in a comforter with my head propped to the stars waiting for something magical to reveal itself. At other times I sit with Ester, my tree friend who provides an anchor in this time of craziness. Ester, our majestic Maple, lives in our yard as a beautiful wise earth being that seems to cradle me in her energy of safety when I’m beside myself. To be beside yourself is to be in a state of dissonance with your higher self. This pandemic has sent us to this place of shock, confusion and mistrust without a doubt. This intermittent block to my wise voice shows up when I get caught in the current of disinformation and fear.  Down the rabbit hole I go again to sift through toxic information and half truths to run by my higher self. Then my higher reminds me that we are immortal souls that chose to incarnate here at this time on purpose, to be part of this big shift towards enlightenment.  We are not passive bystanders, but powerful beings and it does collectively matter what we think and do about all of this. The collective WE can shift the world at this critical tipping point. It feels like we’re in a major drill with more craziness to come, which has been rubber stamped by my highest self. It calls out the activist in me that wants to scream wtf people! These labor pains are real, as Mother Earth, Humanity and the Cosmos ascend into this new age of great possibilities. In the strangest of times, we need to look for the silver lining in all of this, take time to discern and discover our personal higher self truths. We need to lean into the magic of what it means to heal ourselves as powerfully intuitive spiritual beings. We are the ones to collectively unite by stepping out of fear and into your power to love… Make friends with nature and the trees to heal… take back your immune systems…embrace your loved ones and friends…support your community’s recovery with compassion …find your back deck to the stars and observe the magic… send your good thoughts and prayers out… find your activist within and fight the good fight …be grateful and kind…sing, dance and write your songs…create your new realities.

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