Thank you for listening to our song “Messenger”.  It’s time to stretch beyond the confines of the mainstream to gauge for yourself, your personal truth.

Most of us believe that we have a connection to God… to this universal field of potentiality that is alive and intelligent…to Angels, Ascended Masters, Loved Ones, Star Beings/E.T.s, Animal Spirit Guides and more. Although we may not see these beings or this field of energy, we can feel, interact and learn to trust in this divine support system for guidance. The universe and these beings have been ushering me along my spiritual path of development since I was a child. As I evolve, I have been connecting to the Star Beings/E.T.’s more than ever and it seems that my divine team of support is shifting as I do. As a psychic medium, I can identify clients who resonate with the Star Beings because I consistently see blue stars flashing in their auras. The flashes are my cue to acknowledge their connection to the higher dimensions and these benevolent entities. These clients also feel a longing to go “home”…back to the stars, and have a strong belief that the star beings have been here and linking with us for a long time.   I can’t help but be fascinated with the Bibles Old Testament that in my view depicts God, Angels and possible ancient Star Beings/E.T.s.  Many cultures and religious traditions including Christianity, Islam and Judaism are deeply mystical and connected with Star beings from other realms. They tell ancient stories of Angels and Gods coming down from the heavens, leaving here concrete evidence and powerful information for us to understand.  This is the stuff that makes me wonder who these beings really were…Angels…Gods or E.T.s….This is the  stuff that makes me go hmmmm.

If you’ve been following my Blog you know that I am fascinated with the idea of out of body experiences (OBE’S), lucid dreaming, meditation, UFO’s and Star Beings, all things paranormal and our incredible ability to access our highest selves and higher dimensions. My higher self and dream time take me to a familiar link to Star Beings that want to infuse me with a wave of peace and harmony…a benign goodness that the world needs to embrace. The one way I believe I can share these messages is through our music.  I woke up after an intense astral adventure to the phrase “merciful messenger from the bright blue star, can you tell us who we really are”?  I stored this phrase in my lyrics journal and then forgot it for some time. This lyrics journal is where I capture channelled creative influences that flow through me in dream time and meditation. These Divine downloads are the foundation of our spiritual songs that make up our soon to be released album “The Light Album”.  The phrase re-surfaced while Daryl was playing around with a very cool piano hook, and my hand was “pulled” into my lyrics journal to this single phrase hidden on a page. When my hand lies heavy on a written piece, I know this is the one that marries up with Daryl’s musical hooks.  I sang and recorded this phrase with a melody that flowed from my soul, and then the rest of the song came together with ease, as if the song was ready to be birthed.

I did continue to go off in dream time to the bright blue star and to a particular messenger who felt like a warm and loving being that urged me to know that it is not too late. This experience sent me off …down the research rabbit hole to learn more about this bright blue star. I learned that the brightest star in the sky is Sirius and that many cultures see this star as one that fills us with wonder and inspiration to attain our highest aspirations of service and truth. In my personal truth, I believe that these Star beings are saying it’s not too late for humanity to wake up to our innate abilities of immense potential…to rise above this oppressive wave and claim these extraordinary gifts…and take back our world for the highest, greater good.

Yes, I do sleep out on my back deck in the summer…  I actually fall asleep while star gazing and set an intention to connect with Star Beings. It is often that I am drawn to wake up and look up to the skies to witness the not so unusual for me… yes I have seen some absolute anomalies amongst the stars that are calling me out.  One of my bucket list wishes is to visit Mount Shasta to witness the U.F.O’s that fly in and out of the mountain that are being monitored by the military base nearby. I’d love to join Dr. Steven Greer who conducts meditative groups of believers who use sound, lights and love intention to vector in E.T.’s who will show up on video as warm supportive beings. These “hot spots” or powerful vortexes are all over the world, where cosmic messengers link to us believers who gather to resonate with their peaceful vibration….after all we are all made of the same stuff the stars are!

What are your beliefs about Star Beings/E.T.s?  Have you witnessed or had an experience that you want to share?  Are you holding fear or trust in all that is surfacing in the mainstream and alternative media sources?  Feel free to visit my Public Figure page on Face Book to comment. I’d love to connect with you about this stuff.

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