Thank you for listening to our song The River. My lyrics were inspired by the ancient Hopi Elders Prophecy where I borrowed the two phrases, “The river is flowing fast now” and “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”. The Hopi’s refer to the river as the energy of ascension that is, in this time in history, moving us to higher levels of consciousness …that is when we are open to embracing this flow.

This theme of ascension lives at the core of my personal truth. It is a theme that has played out for eons…one that holds the promise of compassion, peace and harmony once again for mankind. I say once again because for thousands of generations humans lived in full consciousness with the entire cosmos, remembering that we are light beings of peace and love. Unfortunately, mankind slipped from this unified heart-centered state of light… to a mindset ruled by separation, fear and ego…call it the great fall from Grace.

Our indigenous ancestors…the wisdom keepers, are pleading with us to remember our truth. Yes, some of us are awakening from the trance to the truth that we are all peaceful spiritual beings evolving in consciousness. Some of us know that mother earth is cleansing herself and shifting to a new planetary grid of energy, into the Golden age…the Age of Aquarius …a new earth.

Many have known for a very long time that our destiny is to ascend…that our divine support system…stellar beings are here to assist us in this understanding of attaining our light bodies and higher levels of consciousness.  Back in Biblical times, there were mystery traditions based on the idea of human ascension that were ultimately lost…knocking humanity off its timeline. The Essenes, Cathars, and Gnostics were labelled heretics by orthodox religion and their beliefs of ascension and divinity were ripped away and forbidden. Yes, orthodox religion has benefited hundreds of millions of people…and there are countless references to the mysteries of ascension within these religions.

I hold onto the hope that we can re-orient the human species…bring us back to our original ascension timeline. Fortunately, before the Essenes were killed off by the Romans, they hid their Dead Sea Scrolls in the mountains and we have recovered their powerful secrets of ascension in these documents found in 1947. It feels like this is the time to reclaim our fullest potential as we reach for the stars and expand our beliefs beyond the mainstream.

I am living proof, along with many others, who can spontaneously leave the physical body to travel in our light bodies to reach other dimensions…to attain knowledge and healing. I am also beginning to command these experiences in a controlled manner, practicing specific skills that support out of body experiences.  I am one who can go into the past, present and future energy of people to capture snapshots of their stories…to guide them for their greater good…to play in the light of my highest self…to commune with the Other Side…to navigate this dense, earthly experience …as I straddle the lower energies of my own ego, and the collective wave of worldly chaos that intertwines with this promising ascension energy. We live in exciting and challenging times for sure!

Where are you at with your ascension process/beliefs? Are you excited or fearful of this collective wave of mixed energy? What are you doing in your life to maintain a spiritual practice that keeps you in balance?  If you want to explore this theme contact for your personal reading or spiritual development support.