I had my 7 songs learned for the audition, drum sticks and my bag of chessies under my arm as I was introduced to the band. As I extended my arm to shake the keyboard players hand I had a sudden surge of anxiety mixed in with a swirling of giddiness. With the hair on my arms standing like soldiers, a definite sign of truth, our hands connected. A twinge of electricity buzzed through me, zapping me into an adolescent stupor. Sweat marks seeped to my waist as I sat behind the drum kit inhaling my cheesies in a desperate attempt to recall just one song on that God forsaken list! Looking into his swishy hazel eyes linked me to an odd familiarity …into the windows of his soul I went…as if I’d known him for lifetimes. I seriously thought I blew the audition and left wondering what the hell took hold of me. This burst of energy that twin flames generate when they meet calls up the whole soul, from the highest of heavens to the deepest dungeons. When all of our soul shows up , it is as if we are wired for a special union. This is what our souls yearn for and we may or may not enter into it fully in this life time. For Daryl and I , it took some time until we were ready to meet energetically. We actually lived just blocks away from one another for years , both in the music industry, but not crossing paths. I believe our vibrations needed to shift as we were processing hard lessons from our dysfunctional relationships. When we do this we can clear our hearts and then send out the right heart vibe…kind of like cosmic search lights that find resonance with one another. I also believe that the intelligent universe gives us what we need…and all in God’s time. Learning about love is quite often dysfunctional and I believe advanced souls often incarnate into very dysfunctional families. The pain of our experiences forces us to dig into the muck, heal these challenging wounds and see the gifts in those relationships that teach us. Most of us did not get a good picture of healthy love and it can be difficult to see the gifts in those experiences. We are here to learn so dig into the muck so you can get to the light of love. Know that all relationships teach us whether they come in for a short blast or a long journey. I believe that my resilience and wisdom is linked to the Divine, of which we all have access to. There are 6.2 billion people on the planet and 95% believe in a higher power. In searching for our twin flame and meaningful relationships we must trust in our innate ability to know our truth. We must trust in Divine guidance that comes from the God of your understanding….the intelligent universe…whatever you want to call it. Just know that the human heart is the strongest generator of energy and when linked with your heart felt loving intention the universe will have your back.


THIS IS THE YEAR TO SORT OUT WHAT IS WORKING AND WHAT IS NOT….whether it is in family, business , friendship or intimacy , it’s time to get clear.

oh and by the way….I passed the audition