There is a major buzz going on especially for those who are awake. It’s the buzz that makes us dream in vivid technicolor ….to travel in dream time to the multidimensional universe…to manifest all that is good…to see your own path of light with heightened intuition….to heal ourselves with our power of intention! We are feeling like time is speeding up…like everything is so much more intense, with relationships being harder than they have ever been before. There is a low level of tension and anxiety in the air…with some ,especially the younger ones, a feeling of hopelessness. We may be feeling big changes within ourselves with health and career, as if all the fluffy and easy lessons are gone and whatever is going on is big stuff. Although we may have healed our core issues from the past, we are being pushed for a greater healing within, which some of us don’t even know consciously. We are being prepared for this shift from the 4th world to the 5th as our ancients said …I’ve had my seat belt on for awhile now and I’m awake and riding the waves of this great shift of the ages that we have been in since the 1990’s.

We have entered a unique time like no other, where we are feeling like there is something in the air! On a scientific level I love that there is an explanation for our madness. The scientists are measuring the magnetic fields of the earth which are rapidly declining. On the other hand the pulse of the earth is speeding up, making it feel as if time is speeding up. This is really a thing! This is a fundamental pulse that we thought would never change…but the pulse is speeding up. You see we go in cycles and this magnetic field reached its peak around 2000 years ago and now it is at its lowest global point magnetically. This rapid decline of the earth’s magnetic field is a pre-curser to these magnetic fields flipping or reversing. The ancients in biblical times spoke of the effects of living in this cycle of dramatic earth shifts. As the pulse of the earth speeds up and the magnetics decrease it is signaling that we are in the Great Shift of the ages. As the pulse of the earth is really speeding up and measured scientifically , we try to match this pulse….that’s why time is flying! The Mayan calendar ended in 2012 because they say it makes no sense to track time in the same way because it is different now….The ancients are urging us to take back our potential that we have forgotten…to consider that we have an internal potential…a divine light that is being sparked again by this this ominous time of enlightenment. Our ancients were not primitive at all.. but very advanced and say that we will continue to build a very complex technical world until we remember that WE ARE ALL THESE THINGS.
It’s time to bring back our internal technology of wisdom and power.

Talk to me…Are you feeling this shift?

Based on Gregg Braden’s scientific research & The God Code