My Rock

I was sitting on my personally claimed meditation rock with built in slate back rest, with my lyrics journal and pen in hand. The Georgian flats, consisting of ancient sheets of layered rock, hold a formidable history and anchoring buzz. For me, this sacred place opened me easily to listen to my higher self and spirit. As I took in a familiar calm with all of my senses, I felt the warm presence of spirit close to me. The rippling waves gently lapping against the rugged shoreline lulled me into peace as I held a soft gaze at the rising sun. The suns orange glow lit the paper, as if to cue the flow of inspired words that would fill the page. In walking briskly back to the cabin, clutching my coveted collection of channeled phrases, a sense of urgency told me these words were meant to flow in a song. As I hurried up the driveway, I could hear Daryl noodling a beautiful piece on his keyboard. Bursting through the door I screeched “Put on the kettle and get your pants on lover!” “It’s time to record this song that wants to come through”! We made a regular commitment to escape the chaos of city living to nurture our creativity in the beauty of nature.

With Spring time approaching, it’s time to get out and connect with the elements and your new creative seeds to sow. If you struggle to get out of your head and into your heart you need to attend my…

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