A vast array of brilliantly colored orbs dance on the ceiling as I lie in bed with an overwhelming sense of ease and curiosity. As a young child, entering that sparkly land of imagination and intuition was easy for me. Annie would show herself in a whirl of seafoam green and gold, glowing with magic and comfort. Her warmth would fill the room and my being, with a cushion of love, like a big hug. I feel the comfort of this woman in Spirit who speaks to me when I am afraid and has guided me throughout my life. This is one of the many visits my Guardian Angel Annie would make in my life. I am 4 years old, floating down the stairs in our tiny family home to take an aerial view of my parents sitting on the couch watching television. I wonder why they can’t see me, don’t acknowledge me or send me back to bed. I wonder why the nice store clerk at Jack’s Milk had a blue triangular light above his head, or why the mean man next door had a wavy energy coming off of him. I am holding my fake microphone while singing along to my Beatles 45 records while catching my reflection on the turned off TV screen….dreaming of singing on a big stage someday. I am gazing from an open field at night, captivated by the man in the moon and the millions of twinkling stars, knowing on a very deep level that we are not alone. These early memories reflect the spark of divinity within me that would wax and wane throughout my life.

Every one of us was a shiny child in some manner and that child within is still very much apart of your complex being. The truth is you can reclaim this inner child which is your natural birthright to intuition, creativity, joy, spontaneity, love, happiness, intimacy, playfulness and spirituality. Your inner child may have gone into hiding, as you tread through life with the blinders on…doing and doing…until you drop, just to repeat again. I say it’s time to step off the treadmill and give your shiny child a hug. For those who are already playing, I solute you…for you are the ones who are creating, celebrating, serving, exploring and expressing with pure abandon.