Ascension Flu Symptoms …OMG…Most Definitely a THING!

I have had a number of requests from my clients and students to help them understand what is happening to them and our world as we straddle the ever-changing and chaotic earth energies and the higher dimensional consciousness energy. I’ll start by sharing my personal experience of the most intensive round of ascension energy I have felt yet!

The sun has not yet dawned on the April 10th, 2018 as I was literally flung out of my bed in a violent hurl to the floor. The room whipped around, spinning me on my hands and knees, forcing me to crawl to the bathroom. Nope, this wasn’t a bad hangover like the ones I recall from the 70’s. This sensation of extreme nausea and what turned out to be a 10 day amusement park ride of vertigo sent me sideways physically, emotionally and spiritually. This intermittent vertigo, the feeling of “not being here” , accompanied by a sort of driftiness that caused me to lose my words in mid-sentence was a concern. A swirling pit of anxiety, mixed with sadness lived in my solar plexus and heart area…unearthing old wounds that I thought I was done with. I was forced to eat light and clean and take frequent naps which were my only escape from this Hell. The pain in the back of my head that has plagued me forever amplified, as if a team of gremlins were chiseling ice picks into the base of my skull.

On the morning of the 10th day of this madness, I was awoken by a popping sound in my head. I thought the noise was a product of my dream which involved a visit from a celestial healer who had her hands cradled on the back of my head. With my eyes focused on the ceiling I realized it wasn’t spinning anymore. I eased myself gingerly out of bed, joking like an evangelist to my husband ” I have been healed!!!” With all jokes aside I really feel like I have been healed. The voice of my higher self is echoing a calming message that I have been through a re-wiring or activation process and not to worry or resist. My day dreams, night dreams and meditations are taking me even further up to my connection to my cosmic family, beyond even those of my familiar loved ones and guides.

I and many others who are awake have been called to work with the higher spiritual chakras beyond the 7 physical ones (Causal, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway Chakras). I believe my Causal chakra that lives at the middle of the back of my head and 4 inches out…has been activated. I believe that in this activation, it has cleared my head pain that had no medical reason to haunt me as it did. My story is a common one and many of us are experiencing these symptoms of ascension. There is science behind this mayhem, with massive geomagnetic storms, solar flares, the earth’s magnetic field weakening and its pulse speeding up….all of which are affecting us and moving us to higher levels of consciousness…even changing our DNA. Some of us are checking to see what’s going on up there. In this major transition for all of us, we can open up contact with multidimensional beings from our cosmic family. WE can open up to our incredible potential as we stay in a high vibration of love and grounding. If you are curious about what exists beyond check out Steven Greer’s “Unacknowledged” on Netflix…or Dr. Francis Cricks discovery of the structure of the human DNA molecule and our DNA link to Star beings…or Gregg Braden’s Missing Links…or Billy Meier’s fascinating story of ET links..

What is your Truth? What do you believe is going on with this ascension stuff? Are you feeling symptoms and shifts in your level of consciousness?