Whether you bring flowers to your mothers and grandmothers or light a candle and remember them in spirit, it is a sacred time to honor all that they are.

The Mother is the life-giver, the source of nurturing and nourishment, unconditional foundation of love, patience, devotion, caring and unselfish acts. This archetype is the keeper and protector of life, from children to the family. The power and compassion and the endless capacity to forgive her children and put them before herself are essential to the Good Mother. Mother’s intuition is the energetic bond between her heart and the hearts of her children…a direct link to their souls…a force of love that flows forever. The Devouring, Abusive, Abandoning and Working Mother each represent the shadow aspects of this primal mother archetype within the entire human community. For most of us, there are differences to reconcile with our mothers, whether they are still alive or in spirit. There is no perfect mother, and in our experiences with our mother’s they have taught us valuable lessons, some joyful and some hard. As we are here on this earth, we are here to learn, especially from our mothers.

I am a nulligravida! Yes it sounds awful, but it just means I am a woman who never conceived a child. No I didn’t get the stretch marks, leaky bladder, sleep deprivation, post partum depression, the loss of the former smaller, firmer body…and all you mothers can add to this list I’m sure. For me I tapped into my natural need to mother the world and spent 20 years nurturing other peoples children as a Child and Youth Counselor. As a Pet Mother, I went through a slight cat hoarding phase where my need to nurture the lost, orphaned and feral cat led me to a full on feline addiction of which I am now in balance with…lol. This archetypal mother energy is in all of us, and bless the Mr. Moms of the world who are linked with this incredible pull to nurture and love the children.

I have proudly claimed my Grammy status and blessed that my step-daughter brought me my little Jamison. I have the privilege of modelling all the good and fun stuff to a precious little being. Grandmothers are the best and I miss mine. She was quiet, patient and unassuming in her ways. Not so quiet when I hid the baby squirrel in my toy carriage, that jumped out and up her dress…and then skidded into the house while she screamed obscenities. Not so patient when I convinced her that the extra sandwiches I craved at lunch were really to feed the stray dog that most certainly needed to come and live with us.

I miss my mom too. She crossed over to the Other Side a year ago. I feel her essence close to me often and share cosmic telephone calls with her in my dreams. She was my biggest fan and she always said I could do anything if I put my heart to it….words that still drive me forward today. Always remember the encouraging words of your mother.

In the greater Mother Nature Archetype, Mother Nature is known as Gia the Goddess of Life, the caretaker of our finite planet. She is recognized as powerful, and when storms leave death and destruction in their wake, she is referred to as wrathful. The spiritual journey of our ancient people began with the idea of the Goddess, universally called the Great Mother. We know that 1000’s of years before the Bible was written creation stories centered around a Goddess. The reverence our ancestors once felt about the primal energy of the female is reflected in those dimly lit times of long ago, when the power to give and nurture were supreme. Only recently, for 6000 years is recent in the age of human kind, has the earth and the female perspective been ignored. The fall of our powerful feminine is a shameful chapter in our past. During the middle ages the horrific Holy Inquisition resulted in at least 600,000 killed…mostly women. Our mid-wives, healers, prophets with their innate and sacred gifts were declared evil witches. Now a growing number of women and men on this path of spiritual growth are awakening, remembering and looking to the past to re-claim this feminine Mother consciousness. The Dali Lama quoted that “The Western Women will save the world”. I am hopeful of this as this shift in respecting the collective feminine is being re-ignited.

And as our perspectives zero back in on the pride we hold in our hearts for our own mothers, grandmothers and powerful female role models, we fill up with gratitude. I invite you to celebrate all that the Sacred Mother represents for you. Remember…Angels walk among us, only sometimes they don’t have wings…they are called Mothers…….HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!