I’m bringing back our album cover which depicts perhaps a past life scene of my husband Daryl and I. I am obsessed with the Victorian era and have had past life regressions that have led me to believe that I once lived in these times. As a young student I had the privilege of experiencing past life regressions with my former psychology professor who offered guidance to the brave ones that wanted to explore the souls’ past in hypnotic regressions. I am sad to say that none of my many regressions led me to believe that I was Cleopatra or other significant royalty. In two of these intensive regressions, I did however link with an oddly familiar woman in a white dress that could speak to the dead. She was confident as she channeled with conviction, beings from the Other Side. These experiences along with my spiritual development students who seemed to be seeing me in their dreams and meditations as a woman in a white Victorian style dress taking some sort of vows, moved me to go into my own dream time to ask what this all meant. Working with dreams can be tricky , and I kept simply getting “lean to the west”. I wondered if my annual trips to Lily Dale, the largest Spiritualist community in the U.S…..and to my west …was what was calling me. I visited this community of registered mediums, where the dead don’t die, to serve as a visiting medium. That’s right, no one dies in Lily Dale New York…they flit among the trees and stroll along the streets and through Victorian homes occupied by five generations of Spiritualists. I knew that my higher self was not calling me to literally join in this community as I am such a free spirit that can’t be pinned down. I did jump through the hoops of becoming an ordained Spiritualist minister with the hopes of embracing my marriage rights and all that is ceremonial.

At the time I was also “leaning” to the west in the Burlington area with my energy to find a home to live close to my much loved step daughter and son in-law. She was about to give birth to our first grandchild and we wanted to take an active role as proud grandparents.

I’m racing west to view yet another home in the Burlington area after losing out on several offers on houses, with a crazy seller’s market. As I drove up the steep escarpment road,it was as if I was entering into another world. The voice of Annie, my guardian angel came in saying “pay attention to the sign!” . I’m thinking what sign!! Then I saw the literal sign “Welcome to the Victorian Village of Waterdown”. The hair on my arms stood up like soldiers and my heart raced with a clear knowing. I had found my Victorian Village after all! Our offer on the house that was meant to be went through without a catch and we are grateful to settle here in Waterdown…in this captivating vortex of green, creative space…and just a little further west than I thought. Life here is good and I enjoy tapping into the village of the past as I easily pull movie screens in my minds eye of the Victorian village that thrived here over 250 years ago….it certainly feels like home.

As much as I believe our spirit lives on in eternity, I also believe that a fragment of our soul can choose to come back for another round on this earthly plane. Perhaps we come back to learn more lessons and to evolve a little more. Perhaps we come back to meet with soul groups that have traveled together for a common purpose for many life times, to learn and accomplish together. I believe that Daryl and I have been linked for a few life times, and our personal past life regressions have revealed fascinating experiences that lean toward our travels together.

Have you had undeniably familiar connections to people that feel life times old? Do you listen to the children who recall their past lives with uncanny detail with words of wisdom beyond their age and time? Perhaps you are drawn to oddly familiar places that you haven’t been to before, but feel like you are “home” when you visit there.

Past lives are yours to explore. You can heal the unhealthy patterns that you are stuck in by visiting a past life where trauma may be imprinting and impacting your present life. As a psychic medium I do pick up on these themes with my clients and I sometimes encourage a deeper dive into exploring through past life regressions with reputable, qualified clinicians.

Embrace the mysteries of life…see the magic that surrounds you and that is you.