Holy Shift I say!  We are so fortunate to be living in such amazing times of big change as we are in…on the cusp… or entering the Age of Aquarius. What are these ages…Aries…Pisces… and Aquarius? Each age represents a type of collective consciousness that humanity has experienced, driven by astrology and the alignment of the stars and planets. For the last 2000 years we have been in the age of Pisces…the age of the war of the Gods and before that with Aries the age of war. These shifts in the ages don’t just suddenly happen like a light switch being turned on. It’s more like these ages are connected to a dimmer switch that ease us in. The light of Pisces dims down and Aquarius lights us up in a new consciousness.  As we transition from Pisces to Aquarius, we leave behind an age led by fear, religious doctrine and the blind faith of bowing down to an external higher power.

We are entering into an era where ignorance is no longer bliss. In the air sign of the Aquarian thinkers we step into the “I KNOW” vs I believe outlook. To know is to embrace this age of the intellect, one who is responsible for our own faith, visions, dreams, hopes and enlightenment.  To know is to trust in your higher self and the higher, truthful knowledge that we seek when we ask big questions like “what is really going on in the world?” and “what is the spiritual meaning of my life?” To know is to see things through new eyes and awaken to the fact that we have the power to create our own reality. To know is to take back our inner power and not give it away to old paradigms and institutions. In this Holy Shift we are choosing to eat less chemicals…meat eaters are trying vegetarian…vegetarians are becoming vegans and vegans are eating raw foods.  In this digital age of information and technology the air in Aquarius supports the invisible frequencies of the internet, electronics, our newly created hieroglyphic language of communicating in symbols with emojis and more.  We are creating new invisible forms of currencies like bit coin and crypto currency which I don’t really understand. Artificial intelligence is rapidly unfolding and hopefully for the greater good. The new science is starting to come out as we now understand that we are all connected and the space between us is not empty at all. Science is even exploring time travel….so exciting.  We also feel like there is something in the “air”…a new vibe as we link easily to this universal field of potentiality that echoes back what we put out. We are learning about just how powerful we really are. We are awakening to this cosmic wave of the multidimensional beings that offer guidance in these stressful transitions. We are dreaming with a new lucidity and intuiting with great accuracy.  Some of us are opting out of main stream news and finding alternative sources of truth as we need to use our discernment with all the information coming at us.

The phrase “I know” is a crown chakra affirmation that opens us to the divine cosmos….. and awakens our higher chakras and our light bodies of ascension. To know is to open up to claircognisense …our ability to just know as we catch fleeting messages through our crown chakras easily.  To open up to our incredible potential as spiritual and energetic beings is to be totally empowered as our advanced ancestors from the distant past knew well.  As mother earth is also going through this major shift her magnetic field is weakening and her pulse is speeding up. Science says this affects us all as we complain of ascension flu-like symptoms or growing pains. We have to muster up compassion, patience and faith as we witness those who resist emotional and spiritual change…for many will be stuck in the old ego ways and lower vibration. And when we are stuck ourselves we must dig in and do our emotional work with hope and courage. Our work is to heal and release our wounds and limiting beliefs… to see our stories of challenge as gifts that teach us to be strong… and in a new light we can take a deep dive inward and claim our souls calling. We must say ”I know” there is light at the end of this tunnel of muck. Our work is to find acceptance in these big changes versus resistance. When we resist, we live with fear and feel like we are swimming against this massive current of energetic change. To accept and trust is to be in the flow of this shift.

The song Aquarius by The Fifth Dimension was written in 1966 and speaks of this age of harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding… I invite you to listen to this song which reflects this shift into the Golden Age or Great Turning.