Being out in nature connects and re-energizes your own spirit, minimizing the ego and amplifying your divine light within. Nature has the power to sooth your soul, inspire your highest potential, moving us to new awakenings and awareness. Sit with no agenda and no expectation of the outcome. Be with a simple openness to receive and surrender to where your higher self guides you to go. Be conscious of the “monkey mind” that can take over and just say “thanks for sharing…now it is quiet time”. Bring yourself back to breath. Set an intention to get grounded and pull earth energy into your being from the soles of your feet and draw earth into every cell of your being. Be aware of your shifts in energy levels, increasing connections you feel to all aspects of nature around you. Invite nature in as your teacher…close your eyes for a few seconds, then open them and notice where your attention immediately gets drawn to. You may be focused on the water, tree, rock, squirrel…etc. Ask yourself…rock are you my teacher? and wait for a clear yes or no. You may hear a clear answer or sense it in some way. If you get a no, close your eyes again and then open to your next vision. Ask again…Tree are you my teacher? Once you get a “Yes” ask your teacher a question about your life. ie. “Is the service work I’m doing really impacting people?” Then listen deeply for the answer. For me, my tree teacher showed me roots that extend so deeply into the earth that they disappeared. I took this message as meaning that my work touches people deeply but I can’t always see the impact of my work. Journal about your experiences and make a point of linking with nature as your teacher often.