Mother’s Christmas Visit from the Other Side

Although I have felt the presence of my dear mother often since she crossed over 6 months ago, her brilliant display of manifestations in the physical will never be forgotten. You see it takes a ton of effort for Spirit to come down and show themselves so obviously. When Spirit comes to this dense earth plane it is like trying to swim down to the bottom of the pool…hard work. My family gathered for our first Christmas without mom and this season was by far her favorite. We were all sitting together, quietly digesting our holiday feast when mom choose to make her presence known. First the light cover popped off and fell on the floor and miraculously didn’t break. Then the Christmas bells fell off the door, followed by the deck of playing cards falling off the mantel. As we all joked that mom was here, there swept a cold breeze across 3 of us on the couch. The following day when cleaning up, we found a nickel in the teapot! I feel so blessed to have witnessed this spiritual display with my family and was hoping that mom would make a grand entrance. When you set an intention to connect with Spirit you will, and we all held the intention to feel mom again. When my dad died many years ago he visited in his typical Dad way. Before he died he promised he would show me that he could visit and watch over me. During the first year after he crossed over, he would turn on the faucet in the bathroom and flush the toilet! He was once a plumber and had a sense of humor! He also locks doors and shuts curtains as the cautious and protective dad that he was.

Christmas can be a difficult time for family when missing our loved ones in spirit and they want to comfort.