It is a sweet reminder of how time flies as I look into the hazy clouded blue eyes of my 14 year lab Eddie, and see the essence of his life fading. I wrote this poem about my two favorite boys, Eddie and Charlie.

One slipper, one crock,
where the hell is my other sock
Precision holes in my underwear
On every stitch of clothing, you will find hair
No need to clear your dinner plate
The missing bacon from the counter they ate
And the grossly familiar odor so odd
A mix of gassy methane and ode to wet dog
Goober splattered on baseboards and walls
And the constant licking of their balls
Turds so large on the back lawn
And Oh look!…my sock isn’t gone
It’s now twisted and torn and laced with poop
It’s never boring when you gotta scoop!
Fighting for covers and space in the bed
Wet noses pressed against my head
So whatever possessed me to live with dogs?
Am I crazy or living in a fog?
It’s because Dog spelled backwards is GOD
And it’s their wisdom that keeps me in awe

Dogs are “Being” not just doing
They really know when a storm is brewing
They run and play with pure passion
And they really don’t get hung up on fashion
Dogs love and protect us truly
Not bothered for long, can walk away coolly
No such thing as holding a grudge
They would rather enjoy some fudge
Dogs cheer us up when we are sad
Just want to be with us and always glad
When we come home, waging tails do greet
Just can’t wait to curl up on our feet
A dog’s life is simple, something to yearn
Lots in it for us humans to learn