As a psychic medium who has experienced the paranormal up close, I have been pinched, pushed, choked and scratched by negative entities. I have had countless paranormal experiences along with miraculous and divine experiences to share. These experiences have compelled me to live in the highest vibration and stay connected to God and the most positive of divine supports. I am especially aware of the concrete and invisible energetic chaos that is present in the world at this time, which is creating an unsettling cosmic stir within the unseen forces. I believe that we are in a critical transitionary cycle that can be stressful. I have been personally challenged to stay in my grounded and mindful spiritual discipline, striving to keep an unwavering faith and connection to the divine….especially as a teacher of this way of living in the light.

Last night I struggled to fall into sleep, feeling an uncomfortable presence in the room. It felt like someone was watching me. My husband Daryl laid asleep next to me, when a terrifying pit of fear overwhelmed me. I rolled over to see a shadowy man wearing a top hat standing next to the bed. I screamed “Daryl there’s a man in the room!” As Daryl saw this man too, he bolted up and leaped across me and toward him, trying to grab him. We were both terrified and the man disappeared, making me realize that this was a paranormal intruder! My knight in shining armour Daryl, ran through the house flipping on all the lights and checking the doors to find nothing out of the ordinary. I sprung into action, gathering up my house clearing tools and finding my way back up to the light of love, God and my highest protective alliances. I orchestrated a powerful cleanse.

Once settled, I checked in with my higher self to ask why this happened? Was I caught in a lower vibration in some way? My answer was yes! I have been totally caught up in the horrific traumatic energy of the Las Vegas massacre. As a empath, I am easily disturbed by these heavy currents of trauma. I am also aware that the former residents of our home held a very low vibration of dysfunction and discord which has negatively charged this room in particular. Along with cleansing my own auric field, I have been regularly clearing the house since we moved in 2 years ago and will continue with this healthy energetic hygiene. This is my home, not to be messed with by any negative force!! These darker forces are weak to the light of love and God and can only draw on the fear that you put out. Be mindful and stay anchored in your powerful divine light.