I love to connect to the seasons through drumming ceremony and see the Fall and Spring Equinoxes and Summer and Winter Solstices as special times to acknowledge our spiritual journeys. By honouring the seasons I find myself feeling renewed and reborn each year, growing more and more, and evolving over time. Changing seasons remind us to always keep changing and not to become stagnant. The Fall Equinox is a mysterious time as well as an essential passage in the process of enlightenment. The leaves seem to whisper and impart a great wisdom if you listen closely. Watching the falling leaves is a meditation in itself and symbolizes the letting go of our own fearful parts of self, to clear space for new parts of self to be emerge. We all have leaves of some sort just as trees do. The trees have leaves that, for a time gather energy onto us, but at a certain point, they no longer serve us. Leaves turn brown, wither and die. In considering your own leaves, are you letting go or hanging onto the dead parts of self that no longer serve you? Fall is a bitter sweet reminder of endings, a very natural thing as every journey must find its end. Fall brings home to our consciousness, death and the challenge to live everyday to the fullest. Fall reminds us of the fleeting nature of all things. Fall urges us to be grateful for our own harvest in life, to take inventory of our accomplishments . Fall beckons us to journey into our darker, ego aspects of ourselves as well as the light spiritual essence that we are. We are light and dark, just as the Fall Equinox marks a day of balance -of equal light and darkness. This duality exists within all of humanity , and all of those who want to be in the light must face their own inner darkness.

Join Drum Facilitator Bonnie Ross in her Fall Equinox Drumming event Sept 23rd Noon to 2:30 p.m here in Waterdown. Drums supplied. Contact info@bonnieross.com to reserve your seats.