Let’s get back to our grounding roots in nature as we reach for the stars in 2017! Spiritual wealth starts from within when we understand the Law of Emergence. Awakening to this law of emergence is realizing that we need to separate from trying so hard to make things happen. It’s like digging a hole…the more you dig the deeper you get into the hole…feeling like there is something wrong with you that is broken. We need to touch in to the part of us that is not broken…that is whole. We have a divine light or source within that is already complete…like a divine trust account. It is like the oak tree that is already in the acorn. The acorn doesn’t have to go out to achieve and attract. The oak is already there. When the acorn surrenders to the soil and allows the conditions to be ripe and grow with that seed potential, the oak naturally emerges. This is the same for us. The law of emergence, a higher law that is when you are no longer trying to make anything happen. You are now making something that you have already, emerge from within. Jesus said “pray as if you already have it”…which is the mystical truth that all the great masters taught. We didn’t come to this planet to get anything, we came to give…to unleash something. What sacred gifts are you unleashing in 2017??

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