The Tunnel

Song: The Tunnel   Thank you for listening to the audio sample of our song “The Tunnel” that literally came through Daryl and I one special afternoon in the studio. We kept this first take intro that seemed to flow in the energy of Grace that we are [...]

2019-04-01T22:31:07-04:00April 5th, 2019|

Into The Light

Song: Stepping Into The Light   Welcome to Bonnie’s Blog of Songs! I hope you enjoyed listening to my audio clip “Stepping into the Light” which is a first take recording sung by me and accompanied by my husband Daryl on his piano. This expression in its raw [...]

2019-04-01T22:30:42-04:00March 4th, 2019|

Age of Aquarius

Holy Shift I say!  We are so fortunate to be living in such amazing times of big change as we are in…on the cusp… or entering the Age of Aquarius. What are these ages…Aries…Pisces… and Aquarius? Each age represents a type of collective consciousness that humanity has experienced, driven by [...]

2019-03-04T00:12:09-05:00January 16th, 2019|

Past Lives…Reincarnation…Cosmic Travelers

I'm bringing back our album cover which depicts perhaps a past life scene of my husband Daryl and I. I am obsessed with the Victorian era and have had past life regressions that have led me to believe that I once lived in these times. As a young student I [...]

2019-03-04T00:12:21-05:00January 5th, 2019|

Sing your way to wellness in 2019!

Music, sound and singing support us in coping with everything from anxiety, high blood pressure, chronic pain, disease and even mental illness. Students who sing or play a musical instrument score up to 51 points higher on their SAT's than the national average. Music calms stressed out people by releasing [...]

2019-03-04T00:12:31-05:00December 28th, 2018|

Step Into Your Divine Light Within

STEP INTO YOUR DIVINE LIGHT WITHIN...YOUR HIGHEST SELF At the core of our being lives a Divine light where we are not only whole but incredibly powerful. This spark is our inner light, our spirit or soul that calls us to live an extraordinary life. This eternal aliveness is always [...]

2019-03-04T00:12:38-05:00September 3rd, 2018|

The Sacred Mother

Whether you bring flowers to your mothers and grandmothers or light a candle and remember them in spirit, it is a sacred time to honor all that they are. The Mother is the life-giver, the source of nurturing and nourishment, unconditional foundation of love, patience, devotion, caring and unselfish acts. [...]

2019-03-04T00:12:46-05:00May 13th, 2018|

Ascension Flu

Ascension Flu Symptoms ...OMG...Most Definitely a THING! I have had a number of requests from my clients and students to help them understand what is happening to them and our world as we straddle the ever-changing and chaotic earth energies and the higher dimensional consciousness energy. I'll start by sharing [...]

2019-03-04T00:12:58-05:00April 28th, 2018|

The Shiny Child

A vast array of brilliantly colored orbs dance on the ceiling as I lie in bed with an overwhelming sense of ease and curiosity. As a young child, entering that sparkly land of imagination and intuition was easy for me. Annie would show herself in a whirl of seafoam green [...]

2019-03-04T00:13:08-05:00April 4th, 2018|

My Rock

I was sitting on my personally claimed meditation rock with built in slate back rest, with my lyrics journal and pen in hand. The Georgian flats, consisting of ancient sheets of layered rock, hold a formidable history and anchoring buzz. For me, this sacred place opened me easily to listen [...]

2019-03-04T00:13:15-05:00March 6th, 2018|
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